Information extracted from ADF Agreement dated 25th February 2021


The Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) was introduced to finance the development of small and medium sized agricultural and horticultural development in Seychelles, particularly in terms of food security.  Only registered farmers, agricultural input producers, agricultural service providers (e.g. abattoirs and hatchery services) and Agricultural Processors (e.g. butchers, fruits and vegetable processors for jams etc.) who are engaged in full time agricultural activities are eligible for a loan under the ADF Scheme.


Eligible Projects

Agricultural projects including livestock and agricultural input productions whose promoters are registered with the Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA) or relevant Government body.  


Eligible projects to be financed under this scheme include (but are not limited to):

  • Construction of farm buildings (e.g. shade house I greenhouse, chicken pen, pigsty and other livestock sheds, animal feed facture, abattoir/slaughter house, cold stores, beekeeping infrastructure and any other agricultural infrastructure approved by the Loans Appraisal Unit at SAA)
  • Demountable (pre-fab) farms house/staff quarters.
  • Upgrading of existing farm buildings, equipment and machineries and other farm assets
  • Replacement and/or purchase of new machineries, equipment & tools and other farm assets.
  • Setting up of irrigation and other agricultural technology systems.
  • Site preparation and development.
  • Working capital (see section 8)
  • Raw materials and other agricultural inputs.

Where a loan application also involves the building or refurbishment of a pre-fab (demountable) farm house, the funds allocated for this specific expense shall be one quarter (1/4) of the loan amount or SR 350,000.00 whichever is the lowest.

No building of bricks (fix structure) houses will be considered as part of loan applications for agricultural processing and agricultural service providers or input producers.


Loan Amount and Interest Rate applicable

The minimum loan amount is SR25,000/- and the maximum SR 5 million per project

At any one time, the total exposure of a single borrower under the Scheme must not exceed the maximum loan amount of SR 5 million.

Loans are categorized as follows:-

Category 1 – Loans from SR 25,000.00 to SR 350,000.00 @ 2.5% interest

Category No.2 - From SR 350,001.00 to SR 3,000,000.00 @ 2.5% interest 

Category No.3 - From SR 3,000,001.00 to SR 5,000,000.00 @ 5% interest

*Terms and Conditions Apply.



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