Does your business support sustainable fisheries? Scale it up with the Blue Investment Fund.

From US$10,000 to US$3 million | 4% interest rate | Up to 15 Years Repayment 


The Blue Investment Fund: your partner in building value chains for sustainable fisheries

The Blue Investment Fund (BIF) is a loan scheme developed specifically to support the expansion of sustainable fisheries' value chains in Seychelles. We offer loans from US$10,000 to US$ 3 million (in SCR equivalent) at an affordable 4% interest rate to help you scale up your business.

Whether your business produces seafood goods, offers logistics and scientific services, helps local fish producers to access international markets, or pioneers aquaculture, the BIF can offer you a financial leverage to see your business thrive. To maintain its environmental integrity, currently, the BIF focuses on the value chains of managed pelagic fisheries (tuna, billfish) and does not cover demersal fish. 

The BIF is capitalized with the proceeds from the world’s first sovereign Blue Bond. Together with the Blue Grants Fund (managed by Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust, SeyCCAT), the BIF is a part of the Blue Finance approach of the government to streamline innovative capital towards building a resilient blue economy in Seychelles.

Blue Investment Fund brochure

Blue Investment Fund brochure

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BIF Loan Details


Minimum SCR equivalent of US$10,000 - maximum US$3 million;

Interest rate

4% fixed rate

Repayment time

Up to 15 years

Financing coverage

Up to 90% of the project cost (10% of the project cost to be contributed by the applicant as co-financing)

Required documents

BIF Loan application, business plan, supporting documentation 

BIF is accepting lease as collateral at a rate 1:1.25


Who can apply

Majority foreign-owned businesses (NEW)

Locally registered civil society organizations

Locally registered commercial entities, including:

  • small and medium-sized fisheries enterprises
  • public-private partnerships
  • local-foreign joint ventures


Eligible activities



Eligible activities

Scientific services




Business enterprises that provide scientific support to the fisheries sector including services related to fisheries research, management planning and fisheries monitoring (including vessel monitoring systems)

Businesses that provide food technology and laboratory analytical services for seafood product research, development, and labelling

Logistical services




Businesses that provide offloading, storage, and delivery services to improve cold chain management including cargo handling services

Enterprises that provide sorting and refreezing facilities as an ancillary service to processors and exporters of bycatch

Enterprises that provide fleet and crew management services

Business enterprises that provide packaging, distribution, marketing, and sales services





Businesses developing new facilities, or rehabilitating existing facilities, that are engaged in primary or secondary fish processing for eligible value chains

Enterprises investing in processes and technology to improve waste and energy efficiency

Existing businesses that plan to upgrade existing processing facilities for HACCP or EU certification to improve market options

Market access




Industry-led investments in fishery improvement projects and assessment for internationally recognised certification schemes (e.g., Marine Stewardship Council)

Enterprises providing services in market research, brand building, strategy development and sector intelligence

Specialised technologies for accessing markets such as electronic sales and auction platforms

Commercial aquaculture



Commercial production of finfish, bivalves, echinoids, and prawns by businesses licensed under the Fisheries (Aquaculture) Regulations, 2020 (S.I. 160 of 2020) on allocated land, inshore and offshore zones for aquaculture purposes.

Commercial hatcheries and nurseries for commercial production of finfish, bivalves, echinoids, and prawns by businesses licensed under the Fisheries (Aquaculture) Regulations, 2020 (S.I. 160 of 2020) on allocated land, inshore and offshore zones for aquaculture purposes.


Eligible value chains

VC 1 - Purse seine tuna fishery bycatch: whole frozen exports, value-added beneficiated products (e.g. burgers), dried products, mixed products

VC 2 - Tuna loins frozen: tuna purchased for loining and marketing, or tuna loining services

VC 3 - Tuna headed and gutted fresh product

VC 4 - Billfish value-added product

VC 5 - Longline tuna fishery bycatch

Currently, the Blue Investment Fund supports value chains of pelagic fisheries; value chains of demersal fisheries cannot be covered by the loan


How to Apply

(send us an email at or get in touch with one of our officers)

1. Read the current eligible activities instructions and identify the eligible activity that characterizes your proposed project

2. Consult the list of exclusions 

3. Find detailed information on each step of the application process in the Loan Application Manual 

4. Download the loan application forms:

5. Fill out the Business Plan template: 

6. Please use our checklist (for Businesses and for Individuals) to make sure you have all your documents (incomplete forms will not be accepted).

7. Use our Environmental and Social Management Framework, as Amended and Process Framework in preparing your application.


SWIOFish3 Grievance Redress Mechanism

As part of the SWIOFish 3, we offer an accessible way for individuals and communities to file a complaint if they perceive that an activity or a subproject has or is likely to have adverse effects on them, their community and their environment: 

Submit  a complaint (link to )

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